The Myth Of CEO Work-Life Balance

by Amy Nelson | Forbes Women.

A family announces their new pregnancy.

The New York Times, we need to talk… I often read your column “My Workout” to learn tips on how other CEOs stay on top of their game. I’m always searching for advice from visionaries who are disrupting industries and making a difference, both in business and beyond. But as I read the latest column titled “How One Silicon Valley CEO Masters Work-Life Balance,” it became clear that the article was about so much more than Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill’s workout habits. This was something else. –The Myth Of CEO Work-Life Balance

This article is so great. It’s a good reminder of how much labour is unseen, or actively invisibilized (by media).

“Do you know how many people and how much technology it takes to replace one working mother? In my world, it takes four adults, a Roomba and infinite apps. My husband Carl is an executive with a large tech company but he somehow finds a way to be the default parent in times of illness or other daily disruption.”

Also, it’s a good reminder that so much emotional labour is undervalued.

Source: The Myth Of CEO Work-Life Balance

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