EQ assessment: how we measure emotional intelligence

EQ Coaching is the best way to improve your emotional intelligence.

Get assessed, get a report, plus a one hour debrief and a 30 minute coaching session.

Assessment of your emotional quotient, or [EQ], is not an end in itself. It’s a means to an end.

Having an assessment gives you increased self-awareness so you can best decide your next steps to becoming better and more effective at being in touch with your own emotions and those of others. But this isn’t the end either. This opens doors to having better conversations, better relationships. It opens doors to being a more effective leader, a stronger team player.

The end is to be more effective at work – and life. So measurement of your emotional quotient is the first step. We recommend using the model of emotional intelligence first formulated by Dr. Reuven Bar-On. It’s now licensed by MHS Assessments.

The Emotional Quotient Inventory is a fifteen dimensional model of emotional capacities. For example, ones ability to have strong interpersonal skills is different than their capacity to be intelligently aware of themselves. So these capacities need to be measured separately. Further, your ability to be intelligently aware of yourself, or self-perception, can be further analyzed into its component parts: self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness.

EQ Coaching with EITC.
Assessment and coaching is the best way to improve your emotional intelligence.

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