Emotional Intelligence

COVID-19 health response graphic.

Some COVID-19 online resources that might be helpful

World Health Organization COVID-19 ,Health Canada’s Coronavirus daily update ,Employment and Social Development Canada: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ,Centres of Disease ...
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A mixed gender team laughs at a conference table.

Webinar: Emotional intelligence and gender

Join Jill Cory on March 20 for a free webinar on emotional intelligence and it's relationship to gender. March 20, ...
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CHPR BC & YK webinar, with Vancouver in the background.

Webinar with CPHR BC & Yukon: Emotional Intelligence and Authenticity

Join David Cory on February 25, 2020Webinar starts at 9:30am PacificOnline webinar: register by Friday February 21Members get access freeNon-members ...
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Rolled up blueprints rest on a desk.

How the structure of offices shapes collaboration

The glorious and sometimes (often?) uncomfortable thing about science, is that it can deliver answers to questions that are counter-intuitive ...
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David Cory prepares for his media interview in a montage.

Video shoot for EI with Financial Advisors

“Emotional Intelligence for Financial Advisors” video shoot with the most amazing team from Advocis! Thanks for a great experience! #Toronto ...
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EITC webinar icon stands over top of the Rotterdam bridge, as a symbol of innovation.

Webinar: Emotional intelligence and innovation in leadership

Join me for a free webinar and discussion of the dimension of Innovation, in a four dimensional leadership model based ...
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MacKay CEO Forums CEOs in a networking and support relationship.

Iron Sharpens Iron: MacKay CEO Forums for Business Leaders

I recently had the privilege to speak to a group of senior leaders who belong to a leadership development group ...
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Satya Nadella sits on stage at the Stanford School of Business talking about empathy.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, talks empathy and business

This interview with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is worth a watch. He is talking about leadership and the important ...
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A team leader takes some time to reflect and recharge by himself in his office.

EITC webinar: Emotional Intelligence and the Insight Dimension of Transformational Leadership

Join us to explore the unique dimension of Insight in the four dimensional model of transformational leadership contained within the MHS EQ-i ...
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Institute for Performance and Learning, Calgary skyline.

What Learning & Development professionals need to know

Join David Cory, M.A., a Leadership Development Coach, Trainer and Consultant whose work is based on emotional intelligence, as he ...
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Messy book cover and Hidden Brain podcast cover on top of a pallette of messy paint.

Why a little chaos might be good for us

This interview with Shankar Vedantam is brilliant. Tim Harford tells us a little about his research and his book, Messy: ...
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A child holds an umbrella, and has red boots.

Psychological Bulletin: Gender differences in emotion expression in children: A meta-analytic review.

This meta analysis is a remarkable survey of research regarding gender differences in emotional expression in children. The research it ...
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Achilles statue in Hyde Park London.

Training, London

This is a statue of Achilles overlooking Hyde Park in London. I arrived in London to coach a senior executive ...
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A coach stands on the track field with a bullhorn in front of their face.

Harvard Business Review: The Leader as Coach

How to unleash innovation, energy, and commitmentThe Leader as Coach, by Hermina Ibarra and Anne Scoular This a great article ...
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Group of people breaking off into dyads at Saint Paul University during the EITC Certification course.

Ottawa EQ-i 2.0 Certification, Saint Paul University

This is what's happening! Great session at the Ottawa EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification at Saint Paul University. Join ...
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People in an office walk down the hallway as seen from above, with a webinar icon and EITC logo.

Webinar on October 22: Emotional Intelligence and Authenticity

From time to time EITC will do webinars with partner organizations. And a few times a year David Cory and ...
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