Two images on the top, and three on the bottom. All are different angles that show the same three people working in the same room. The bottom right shows a woman sitting working on a laptop on the couch. The middle left is shows three people working with flip chart paper. The bottom left shows a desk cluttered with paper and electronics. The top images both show two people working with flip chart paper at the far end of the room. The room has a brown walls and a white slanted ceiling.

Annual Strategic Planning Session, 2016

Last week we had our annual strategic planning session, made a mess, had brilliant ideas, laughed, argued, discussed, while our Summer student Mel worked away on the couch. It was an extremely productive week, thanks Team EITC!

A man and a woman taping flipchart paper covered in writing above tall windows, which are to the left.
Strategic planning with the team, lots of energy!

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