Erica Zygelman reviews the EQ-i 2 0 Certification Course with EITC

Erica Zygelman reviews the EQ-i 2 0 Certification Course with EITC

ByEric KasoyagaMar 15, 20241 min read “I almost signed up to do this in a one on one certification, just with a trainer and I think that would have been so boring, because this was…

A young woman smiles and slightly tilts her head, standing outside in front of a lake.

How culture shapes our ability to read, express, and even have emotions

ByEric KasoyagaJan 9, 20241 min read

In this video Kristen Lindquist PhD, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, examines how culture shapes our perspectives, how we express ourselves emotionally,…

David Cory leans over the EITC board room table with the Nice Guys on Business Podcast logo looming in the foreground.

David Cory on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

ByEric KasoyagaDec 22, 20231 min read

The folks at The Nice Guys on Business have been publishing podcasts since 2015. They have almost 1000 episodes and three million downloads. We’re excited for David Cory to join…

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