A close up of two men's faces. Both are smiling widely, and both have grey hair and black framed glasses. There is water behind them with large neon pink letters on the other side that say "TORONTO."

EITC in Toronto

One of the highlights of being in Toronto with Mike wand hanging with Hugo Bosch, thanks for having coffee with us, Steve! Tomorrow I get to see Eva and Madeline!

A man is on the left, and we see him from the neck up. He has glasses with black frames, grey hair, and is smiling widely. Behind him there is a sculpture of an orca in breach position, which is out of focus, and seems to be made up of black and white squares like lego.

Selfie at HRMA 2014

“HRPA’s Annual Conference & Trade Show is Canada’s largest human resources conference, attracting more than 4,500 HR and business professionals.” Check it out: https://www.hrpa.ca/Annual-Conference

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