Heart and Science of Leadership for Women, Calgary April 16-18

A young woman leads a project session in a sunny office.

“Enhancing EI skills can have a transformative impact on you as a leader – and can transform your other life roles as well. Using your comprehensive EQ-i 2.0 leadership report as a guide, you will learn about critical emotional intelligence skills such as self-regard, assertiveness, stress tolerance, and problem solving and how these correlate with 4 dimensions of leadership. You will gain insights into your EI leadership strengths and challenges and you will leave the course with innovative tools, best practices in leadership and a concrete action plan to ensure sustainable development.”

Calgary, April 16-18 [icon icon=”external-link”]


Price includes EQ-i Assessment, Report, Debrief, three day course and follow-up coaching, as well as dinner on the first evening, light breakfasts, lunches and coffee/tea and nutritional snacks throughout the course.

$1395.00 (plus GST)

Earlybird Registration: $1295.00 (plus GST) four weeks prior to workshop

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