Sherwin Arnott

Kimberlé Crenshaw, On Intersectionality, WOW 2016

Professor Crenshaw is a giant in the field of critical race theory and she is probably best well know for coining the term intersectionality. As an academic and lawyer she works at UCLA School of Law and Columbia Law School This presentation that Crenshaw gave at WOW 2016 is a helpful overview of the concept of intersectionality.

ICF Central Florida members meeting up to discuss coaching and emotional intelligence.

Webinar: The Emotional Intelligence Coaching Blueprint

Emotional Intelligence has been around for three decades, has an entire centre dedicated to its study at Yale University and has been identified by the World Economic Forum as a Top 10 employability skill for 2020. What exactly is EI? Why is it important for coaches? And is there a model of EI that could act as a blueprint for coaching clients?

EITC: The Emotional Intelligence Training Company, Inc. Know. Engage. Lead.
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