Why Your Company Needs EQ Training – Coaching By Karen

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Are you one of the many companies considering EQ training for your staff but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment? Find out why EQ is cost-effective.

Source: Why Your Company Needs EQ Training – Coaching By Karen

The TalentSmart study additionally showed:

  • Sales staff who developed emotional intelligence was 25% more productive than their low EQ counterparts, and EQ was more important to executive job performance than character, strategic thinking, and focus on results.
  • Senior partners high in EQ were responsible for $1.2 million more profit each in their clients than low EQ partners. High EQ partners showed a 139% gain in profit.
  • Turnover for one agency reduced from 35% annually to 5% annually by selecting candidates high in emotional intelligence, resulting in savings of $3 million per year on a relatively low-cost investment. What does this mean for your business? High EQ produces top performers who in turn bring in more profit.

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