Why a little chaos might be good for us

Messy book cover and Hidden Brain podcast cover on top of a pallette of messy paint.

This interview with Shankar Vedantam is brilliant. Tim Harford tells us a little about his research and his book, Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives. From Trump, to Amazon, to Martin Luther King Jr., and the Köln Conert performed by Keith Jarrett, Harford he tells a number of stories in praise of messes. Sometimes, our reality testing benefits from the acceptance of chaos, and our willingness to improvise.

To many of us, the desire to bring order to chaos – to tidy up our kids’ toys, organize an overstuffed closet, or rake the leaves covering the lawn – can be nearly irresistible. And it’s a desire that extends to other aspects of our lives: Managers tell employees to get organized. Politicians are elected on promises to clean up Washington. And so on.

Hidden Brain, NPR

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