Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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21st century leadership is dependent on strong emotional intelligence skills. World-wide, leading business schools like Harvard, Instead, and Stanford Graduate School of Business integrate courses on leadership and emotional intelligence. Research also shows that emotional intelligence is a strong predictor of workplace performance (Journal of Organizational Behaviour, June 2010). We agree!

This curriculum is designed to strengthen your EI competencies so you can become a more effective and innovative leader. In the course, you will  develop leadership skill that are highly correlated with EI competencies. The leadership insights, tools and best practices you gain will lead to greater team and organizational effectiveness, stronger leadership and will take your career to the next level.

Leadership courses are highly interactive, providing in-depth opportunities to have important leadership conversations with other leaders, case study analysis, actual workplace examples, learning activities, self-reflection, and planning to apply the learning. The course is built on the 4 dimensions of a transformational leadership model: Authenticity, Coaching, Innovation and Insight, each of which are scientifically validated to be correlated to 6 EI competencies.

Emotional intelligence leadership training is appropriate for you if you are new to a leadership role or are looking for new skills and best practice approaches for leadership at all levels within organizations.

We are committed to the following outcomes for participants

  • Understand why emotional intelligence is critical for leadership, team effectiveness, recruitment and career development
  • Learn to analyze and improve individual, team and organizational performance using emotional intelligence
  • Understand the business case for emotional intelligence as it relates to organizational effectiveness
  • Explore critical leadership issues with peers
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for greater business and personal results
  • Build confidence, authenticity, integrity, and the ability to inspire and ignite passion in others
  • Develop communication, influence, relationship building, and coaching skills
  • Generate a long-term strategy for leadership development

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