The Emotions That Make Us More | Harvard Business Review

y Scott Barry Kaufman, 2015.

A painting with folding layers of colour and small fluctuations of green, orange and red.

This article is nice overview of the relationship of emotional intelligence skills to design, solution-making, art and creativity.

Artists and scientists throughout history have remarked on the bliss that accompanies a sudden creative insight. Einstein described his realization of the general theory of relativity as the happiest moment of his life. More poetically, Virginia Woolf once observed, “Odd how the creative power brings the whole universe at once to order.” … But what about before such moments of creative insight? What emotions actually fuel creativity? … The long-standing view in psychology is that positive emotions are conducive to creativity because they broaden the mind, whereas negative emotions are detrimental to creativity because they narrow one’s focus. But this view is too simplistic for a number of reasons. – Scott Barry Kaufman

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