Wicked-Problem Solvers

Amy C. Edmondson, from June 2016.

Tiny colourful lines on a white canvas.

This is an interesting list of features needed for modern, cross-industry collaborations.

In any complex project, it’s tempting to fall back on a blueprint approach to project management, because it works so well when tasks and interdependencies among players are well specified. It can be effective even for extremely complex projects in which established teams traverse relatively familiar territory. But it’s a recipe for disaster on cross-industry innovation projects.

Instead, you should:

  • Foster an Adaptable Vision
  • Make project values explicit
  • Invite input and celebrate change
  • Promote Psychological Safety
  • Acknowledge the experiment
  • Reduce legal concerns
  • Encourage social bonding
  • Enable Knowledge Sharing
  • Foster Execution-as-Learning
  • Test and learn
  • Welcome “arguable” changes

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