EQ for breakfast series

Twilight emerges in the early hours over the Vancouver city skyline and waterfront over Canada Place.

How can developing the emotional intelligence skills (EQ) of your people increase your organization’s bottom-line metrics? How can EQ increase employee engagement, attraction and retention of top talent? How can EQ improve the leadership of your organization? Join David Cory, B.Ed., M.A., leadership development specialist and founder of The Emotional Intelligence Training Company, as he addresses these questions about implementing EI/EQ initiatives in your organization in a fun and interactive way.

You will:

  • learn why the EQ-i 2.0 is the “official” leadership assessment tool of the Government of Canada, and also Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Amazon – to name a few
  • understand how and why Emotional Intelligence was identified as one of the most valuable employment skills to have in 2020 (World Economic Forum)
  • come away with tools and strategies you can use for yourself and with others to develop emotional intelligence skills

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