Microaggressions: what they are, and how they dampen team activity, and problem solving

Woman rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.

Well, all of our studies on the impact of micro-aggressions suggest that they assail the mental health of the recipient. There’s greater degrees of loneliness, anger, depression, anxiety; lower sense of psychological well-being. We have also found that micro-aggressions tend to affect problem-solving ability of the individuals in classrooms; work productivity goes down. And earlier, you were talking about health differences – that people who are recipients of greater amounts of micro-aggressions tend to have poorer physical health. They are likely to have high blood pressure, extreme vigilance that they have to deal with in terms of their autonomic nervous system.

 Psychology professor Derald Sue

Microaggressions: Be Careful What You Say

Recognizing microagressions

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