Iron Sharpens Iron: MacKay CEO Forums for Business Leaders

MacKay CEO Forums CEOs in a networking and support relationship.

I recently had the privilege to speak to a group of senior leaders who belong to a leadership development group with the MacKay CEO Forums in BC’s Lower Mainland. It was not my first time as a guest speaker and it is always a rewarding experience to witness a group of leaders at the top of their game come together to listen, learn and share knowledge on how they can improve their leadership skills and knowledge.

What a great opportunity for leaders to have a support network of other leaders from a range of different types of organizations who can provide fresh perspectives on issues they are facing  and to have a place where they can be inspired to become better leaders. If you are a senior leader in your organization looking to take your leadership skills to the next level, consider a MacKay CEO Forum group near you.

MacKay CEO Forums are part of a Canadian based CEO development program started by Dr. Nancy MacKay (an alumna of EITC) with a mission to populate the world with inspiring leaders. More information about this great organization can be accessed here:

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