Webinar: Emotional Intelligence on Purpose

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Webinar November 26th, 10am Pacific

How many times during a day do we rely on our ‘default mode’ when responding, reacting or interacting with people and processes? We all have this ‘default mode’ to some extent. It allows us to function, but not always with full consciousness – like being on autopilot. A central goal of developing our emotional intelligence is to build our capacity for using a broader range of EQ skills, allowing us to be more intentional about our thoughts, actions, and impacts.

Join Jill Cory and David Cory as they discuss the possibilities for using emotional intelligence with purpose. Explore the idea of ‘dialing up’ and ‘dialing down’ various emotional intelligence competencies. Deepen your understanding about the differences between intention and impact, so you can be more purposeful and more effective in a variety of relationships and situations.

We want participants to:

  • Get familiar with the skills-based EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence 
  • Get excited about the potential to ‘dial up and dial down’ the 15 EQ-i 2.0 competencies
  • Explore the difference between intention and impact

Friday November 26, 2021 10:00 AM: Sign up now
Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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