GIODN Special Speaker – The Emotional Intelligence Employee Development Blueprint with David Cory

GIODN is pleased to welcome the phenomenal David Cory for this special GIODN speaking event.

Global Institute of Organizational Development.

The Institute of Organization Development is proud to offer the Global Institute of Organization Development Network (GIODN) to provide opportunities to network, learn and share for all those who are passionate about Organization Development. The Global IOD Network (GIODN) is Global OD Membership Network as it brings together people from across the globe to network, learn and share about Organization Development.

We now have over three decades of research on emotional intelligence (EI). Yale University has its Centre for the Study of Emotional Intelligence. Google, Nike, Amazon and Microsoft base their leadership development programs on EI. The World Economic Forum has listed EI as a top-ten employment skill.

And yet, the concept of EI or EQ remains poorly understood by many. What exactly is EI/EQ and why is it so important that HR professional know and understand why it matters to employee development and organizational effectiveness? Research provides us with concrete, evidence-based models of EI, which allow us to assess levels of competency (EQ) and provide roadmaps or ‘blueprints’ for development.

Join David Cory, Canada-based coach and leadership development specialist, as he shares with you what you need to know as an HR professional for yourself and your own career and how to best help your employees to develop their emotional intelligence skills.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain what we mean by emotional intelligence and how it is foundational to the ability to make an impact, resilience, agility and inclusion
  2. Describe one of the world’s leading models of emotional intelligence
  3. Take away 5 Keys for developing EI competencies

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