EQ-i 2.0 Certification review by Jody Béke

“Thank you for the emotional intelligence certification training. I feel very grateful. I had to wait to get into the program and it was so well worth the wait. I became certified to enhance my ability as a leader, as EQ is one of the top leadership skills for 2022. What was the greatest value for me was the alignment with the three facilitators and their unique strengths, with David Mike and Jill. The diversity, depth and supportiveness of our group which is amazing, and the trust and openness in our environment, which help me reveal my blind spots with my EQ as well as reveal my strength that at times, were getting in the way for me, being at my best. And a special thank you to David for his presence, skill, and facilitation.”

Jody Béke, MA, CPCC, PCC, Senior Leadership Development

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