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The Break Through Your Barriers Masterclass, free

A two hour transformational virtual experience on Saturday December 12th at 12pm EST. Grab your…

ByByEITCDecember 8, 2020

Empathy and motivation

Simon Sinek shares some challenging and provocative messages for leaders! Good reframes here.

ByByEITCDecember 5, 2020

How to build driven teams

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose! For the win. “This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink’s…

ByBySherwin ArnottDecember 3, 2020

1619: Pleasure and pain in the history of Black music in American popular culture (3)

Episode three of 1619 with Nikole Hannah-Jones is narrated by Wesley Morris. Morris starts cutting…

ByByBaylee WoodleyNovember 27, 2020